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We are counted among the best gyms in Dhankawadi, and have kept our promise of providing quality fitness guidance and health assistance. Towards that end, this Frequently Asked Questions page is another important endeavour! Here, you will find answers to every doubt that has been bugging you, as silly or grave as it may be!  Counted in the top rated fitness clubs in Dhankawadi, we hold high standards of excellence, compelling us to provide nothing but the most authentic information to you. Hence, all the FAQs have been answered by our trained experts who are known for their knowledge and expertise in the field. So you can be assured to get nothing but authentic and reliable information from the most trusted source! Also, our FAQs are comprehensive, touching upon all major areas of fitness and overall wellness information. Thus, whatever your query, we have a fitting response all ready for you!

FAQs help in clearing the air around critical issues and channelling our understanding.  This page has served as a guide or fitness manual to many in the past. And with increasing readers, we are glad to reach out to more fitness enthusiasts. Being a popular gym near Katraj, TranceForm’s reader base has expanded, making the FAQs richer and more informative.

We have been taught – “never be embarrassed to ask questions.”  And with our FAQs, we proudly hold on to this teaching!

Is weight loss and fat loss one and the same?

Weight loss can also be due to water loss/muscle loss from body, fat loss has to be only loosing fat, retaining the water and muscle in the body.

Does weight training bulk up muscles in females?

Weight training does not bulk up the muscles in females, it is important for females in many possible ways.

Do we have to consume fast absorbing carbohydrates or slow absorbing carbohydrates before the workout?

Slow absorbing carbohydrates like apples give sustained energy for longer duration since those are recommend to have before workout.

Running on treadmill gives fast results in case of fat loss or weight training?

Combination of cardio vascular activities like running, cycling and weight training gives better and faster results for fat loss.

Would one gain weight after discontinuing gym workout?

Gaining weight depends on the calculation of calorie intake and calorie burning. If one keeps on having greater calorie intake than utilisation, weight gain is likely to take place.

Does creatine work for building strength?

Creatine helps in giving instant energy during workouts. Whether creatine helps in muscle building or not depends on how you are channeling this energy along with the nutrition you are providing to your body with adequate rest.