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Man stretching and doing warm up in the fitness club in Pune


You as a “fitness freak “I am sure must be getting basic fitness club questions like this one “Which warm up exercises should i do before i begin with my workouts”?

People usually go wrong with this one, they simply start lifting weights in a fitness club directly which clearly breaks the “fitness protocols”.


Your body just isn’t ready for any direct lifting, your muscles are cold and the blood supply there is so poor that you could end up tearing your muscles. that’s exactly when warm ups come into the picture!

In my own gym, I have seen so many teens lifting weights directly!! I have it clear with my trainers to not let anyone hit the weight training floor without a proper warm up session!

When it comes to strength training there are around two types of warm ups one should practice as per my knowledge. One is static warm ups and others are dynamic warm ups.

What are static Warm ups?

Static warm ups are the ones where an individual warms up in one place with minimal movements such as wrist rolling, neck rolling, bending etc.

What are Dynamic Warm ups?

Dynamic warm up exercises are the exercises where an individual actually does exercises with maximum movements like running, jogging etc.

To help you out, I am going to tell you top 4 warm up exercises (2 static – 2 dynamic)

1. Loosing up: –

Warm your joints, muscles and prepare your body for the ultimate weight lifting workouts. This is one old school warm up exercise which will loosen up your muscles and joints.

how to stretch and do the correct warm up in a fitness club tranceformfitness.com 2. Free Squats: –

This static form will help you prepare your entire body, as you squat your heart beats will increase your heart rate.

learn how to do a free squat at tranceformfitness best fitness club in Pune3. Running: –

One of the simplest and easiest dynamic warm up exercise, which will easily warm your entire body pumping all the blood through each and every fiber.

Run before you do squats to avoid injury in a fitness club

4. Practice: –

One of the most proven warm up exercise which will help you avoid injuries. Just practicing the movement patterns will teach your muscle to get ready for more bigger weights (neuromuscular adaptation)


practice and do reps before you increase the intensity in a fitness club


Its always better to ask your trainer present in the fitness club as to what muscle group should I train as i progress in intense training.

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