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Diet For Weight/Fat Loss

The prime reasons for most of the girls/ladies and almost 60% of boys/men is that they are putting on weight and getting weight. Now why this demarcation of girls and ladies and boys and men? Girls who are naturally susceptible to weight gain tend to wait till things have gotten out of hand and weight/size has increased highly while the ladies most of them who were slim tend to wait till they have put on weight and things have gone out of hand.

There are just 3 primary rules that we all need to follow for a healthy and fit body and is to be followed till the last breath –

1. Metabolism, the ability to burn calories, slows down as we age. For girls the metabolism rate falls rapidly after 21 years of age while for boys it is after 25 years. To keep metabolism rate stable a high protein diet with essential fats is a must.
2. Exercise – exercise means exerting more force than normal while performing a physical activity. An exercise should be challenging and strenuous for the body. Any day to day natural activity is not an exercise. Body exists for using it and not just for existence.
3. Clean Eating – We are what we eat but we don’t know what to eat. One simply should not eat because your stomach or the taste buds tell you to eat. We feel hungry because we are not getting the nutrition that the body needs. Eat for the whole body including the brain and not just to fill the stomach or satisfy the taste buds. Always remember protein rich food and not carbohydrate rich food.
Note – Carbohydrates are converted into sugars and more the carbs one has the more sugar is generated and so is the sugar tolerance ultimately leading to diabetes.


Difference between diet for weight/fat loss –

Weight of the body is the total body composition of muscles, organs, bones, water and fat. And fat? Fat is the excess food and waste of the body which is stored as the last source of energy. It is the wastage that the body doesn’t require as such.
Note – Healthy fats from food intake does not make you fat, your body produces that fat.
So do you want to lose muscles, organ health, bones, water from the body or just the fat?
Lose fat get fit, don’t lose weight and go weak. Any change in your food habit is going to make a difference in your weight( the primary reason why all fad diets make you lose weight initially)but then what needs to be considered is whether it was a healthy way or not. Are you stronger/fresh or weak/lethargic.

How should a diet be?

Rich in proteins and healthy fats, no empty calories, calories to be fixed according to the goal( low calorie diet for fat loss) Low cal means your daily requirement is say 1500 Calories so you consume less than 1400 calories with the proper amount of protein intake. Protein requirement for an average non exercising person is 1gram of protein per 1kg of body weight. The source of protein is also important. Protein for protein sake is of no use – car runs on petrol but filling it with kerosene which is also a fuel makes no sense.
1 gram of protein is 4 calories.
1gram of carbs is 4 calories. 1gram of fats is 8calories.
A healthy way of diet contains 50% carbs 40% protein and 10% fats.
For fat loss – 30% carbs 50% protein and 20% fats.

There are two basic fat loss diets-

1.Ketogenic diet – no carbs.

2.LCD – low carb diet.

A further study into this will give you a better understanding as to how to plan a working fat loss diet towards better health and aesthetic appeal.
Watch what you, don’t eat for cravings and hunger but eat for your body and mind. Well being is amazing the healthy way, it is just a matter of knowledge.

Though we have given a  clean idea of diet for weight/fat loss do consider that every individual is different and each ones response system is different. Do have a health check and consider going to a doctor before going on any diet for weight/fat loss.